All You Ever Wanted to Know About Water…and then some!

Water meters are constructed in the classroom one week prior to the lesson. Students take meters home and track the amount of water they use each day. They record this data in their journal (provided by City staff). One week later, the hour long presentation begins with an activity where students represent water molecules moving through the stages in the water cycle. Changes in states of matter are discussed as well as the concept that water is a cycled resource that cannot be created or destroyed. After students move through the water cycle, they take out their water meters and journals and we calculate the total amount of water the students used during the week. The importance of water conservation is discussed and tied into water being a cycled resource.

This lesson is offered to all North Thurston schools and any private schools that receive water from the City of Lacey or are within City limits. Available for grades 3-6.

To schedule, contact: Kim Benedict City of Lacey 360-438-2687