Fecal Bacteria in Henderson Inlet – Dooing Something about it!

This program introduces students to fecal bacteria: What are they? Where do they come from? How do they make their way into lakes and Puget Sound? Then, students walk to a nearby park where they use Field Investigation Notebooks to map and label their survey site, flag pet waste piles, record data, reflect on findings, and create an action plan. After the survey, an Engineering Technician will talk with students about storm drains, open a catch basin and collect a stormwater sample. If time permits, students will test the sample for fecal bacteria by filtering stormwater onto petri dishes that incubate overnight. Students will be asked to send pet waste survey results to Thurston County Environmental Health.  Field Investigation Notebooks and curriculum are downloadable on PSI’s website and available as a loanable kit.

Designed for 3-8 grade students.

Contact: Pacific Shellfish Institute 360-754-2741 psi@pacshell.org Olympian Story - CSI at Lacey Elementary