Walk N Roll Program

Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program works with schools and community partners to offer activities that educate and encourage youth to walk, bike, and take the bus. The Walk N Roll program hopes to create a healthier, safer, and more active community.

Walk N Roll offers a variety of educational and outreach activities:

  • Walk N Roll to School Days encourage youth and their families to walk or bike to school. The Walk N Roll program provides schools with the tools and coordination to make their events successful.
  • The School Bike Challenge is part of the Thurston County Bicycle Commuter Challenge. The Walk N Roll program helps schools organize a two week long bike challenge during the month of May. Students log their miles to win prizes. 
  • Pace Car Pledge asks drivers to commit to making roads safer for biking and walking by driving the speed limit, avoiding distractions, being cautious around kids, stopping for pedestrians, and sharing the road with bikes.
  • Rolling Classroom field trips provide school groups the chance to ride an Intercity Transit bus, tour the maintenance facility, and ride through the bus wash. Classroom presentations are also provided to prepare students for their bus riding experience.
  • Kidical Mass family bike rides provide an opportunity for youth and their families to practice biking on low-traffic roads. Rides include fun activities and family-friendly destinations. 
  • Earn-a-Bike classes teach middle school students basic mechanical and bicycle safety skills in the classroom and on the road. Students in need receive a bike refurbished by volunteers upon completion of the class.
  • The Walk N Roll Bike Shop is a volunteer staffed facility where donated and reclaimed bikes are refurbished. Completed bikes are given to youth participating in Walk N Roll activities.


Walk N Roll