Pier Peer at Boston Harbor

Pier Peer at Boston Harbor Marina is a nighttime underwater lighting event offered by the South Sound Estuary Association (SSEA). Peer below the waters of Puget Sound and discover the lives of mysterious and beautiful creatures. Jellyfish, colorful sea slugs, predatory worms, and more visit us at the underwater lights. Learn about the animals of Puget Sound and see them like you never have before!

Held Friday nights. Start time varies by season.

Please bring your own flashlight (one per person is ideal), wear non-slip shoes, and dress for the weather. Children under 5 are not advised. Each between child 6 and 11 must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a life vest for your child if you have one.

Contact: South Sound Estuary Association (SSEA) (360) 915-0773 or (36) 561-1486 betsea@sseacenter.org Website  Outside Explorer Video YouTube Videos