Salmon Stewards

Since 1998, Salmon Stewards have helped share the amazing story about Pacific Northwest salmon by answering questions and talking to people at three popular salmon viewing locations. This one-on-one outreach is fun and educational, as well as important for salmon’s survival in our growing urban environment. Salmon Stewards training begins in mid-August.

Once trained, Salmon Stewards agree to volunteer for at least 8 hours, chatting with visitors at salmon-viewing locations. They are equipped with posters, polarized glasses, toy fish, pictures, an egg development display and other materials to describe the life cycle of salmon, threats to their survival, and what humans can do to ensure that salmon runs continue for future generations.

Salmon Stewards volunteer at the site(s) of their choice:

  • 5th Avenue Bridge from mid- August to mid-September – Hatchery Chinook
  • Tumwater Falls Park from mid- September to mid- October –Hatchery Chinook
  • McLane Creek Nature Trail from mid- November to mid-December – Wild Chum


Michelle Stevie

City of Olympia

(360) 753-8336