Stormwater Stewards

The Stormwater Stewards program trains local citizen volunteers with a commitment to protecting local water resources and is modeled after the successful Master Gardener program and other Stream Team programs, such as Salmon Stewards. Stormwater Stewards is a program of both Stream Team and WSU Native Plant Salvage Project.

The idea is that highly capable volunteers pursue classroom and field training in order to go out in their community to educate and assist others. Stormwater Stewards’ focus is residential-scale low-impact development (LID) techniques that manage rain close to where it falls, on our home sites, thereby preventing the problems of flooding, erosion, and pollution entering our local waterways and Puget Sound. Once trained and certified, teams of Stormwater Stewards will conduct home-site assessments for interested residents and provide recommendations for ways to effectively manage stormwater on site using LID strategies.

The Stormwater Stewards received training in topics as diverse as:

  • sustainable landscaping techniques that intercept stormwater and allow it time to return to the groundwater or evapotranspire, as well as ways to avoid the use of products that harm groundwater;
  • designing and constructing rain gardens that manage stormwater quantity and treat the pollution;
  • several permeable paving strategies that allow us to have roadways, driveways, and pathways where water can soak back into the ground after it has been treated; and
  • vegetated roofs and other rooftop management systems.

As part of their training, Stormwater Stewards get hands-on experience by helping to build demonstration projects as part of their course work.


Erica Guttman

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