Bobbi Hudson

Pacific Shellfish Institute

As Executive Director of the Pacific Shellfish Institute (PSI), Bobbi manages research studies and general operations of the Institute. Bobbi joined PSI in 2006 as a Research Biologist, contributing to applied research projects on the interactions of shellfish culture with the natural environment, organic pollutants, and disease and environmental stress. Her leadership role began with a multi-faceted project evaluating the benefits and costs of shellfish in Washington State, and a survey-based study of the economic contributions of the West Coast shellfish industry. In June 2013 Bobbi transitioned to Executive Director, but continues to serve as a scientist for PSI’s diverse portfolio of biological, oceanographic and social science research projects.

Bobbi Hudson holds a B.S. and a M.S. in Environmental Science from The Evergreen State College. Her primary research interests include valuation of ecosystem services, social and ecological carrying capacity, and intertidal ecology. Bobbi also specializes in evaluation of sustainable bivalve aquaculture production in near shore environments. Prior to joining PSI, Bobbi served as a fisheries technician with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and performed shellfish and finfish work aboard commercial vessels in Puget Sound and SE Alaska. Bobbi also spent three years as a public information officer for the state of Washington.

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