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We have nearly 300 members, representing more than 70 local agencies, organizations, non-profits, and schools. We share resources and knowledge, develop our professional skills, and coordinate efforts to leverage and strengthen local programs for a greater community impact.

Education, outreach, or communication professionals, volunteers, and students in the Thurston County area are invited to join. There is no cost to be a member. We host bi-monthly meetings and have an active listserv. Sign up to join our Google listserve and receive regular updates.
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To ensure the best possible experience for members, the network established guidelines and etiquette for participation. By joining and using this Listserv, you agree that you have read and will follow the guidelines.
ECO Network guidelines

Benefits of Joining ECO Network

  • Be part of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary community network focused on sustainability and environmental topics in the Thurston County area.
  • Choose your level of involvement – from observer to leader – there is a place for you and your skills!
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships, both locally and across the region.
  • Access our listserv to stay up to date with local programs, events, funding, employment, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Collaborate on projects, shared messaging, and regional media campaigns.
  • Broaden your reach and use the network to publicize your organization, events, and programs.
  • Get inspiration from seeing other great programs and projects in the community.
  • Share your knowledge, skills, and experience with others.

Google Group Listserv

We communicate via email to share information about our programs, upcoming events, employment opportunities, professional development, funding, asking questions of our peers, forming partnerships, and disseminating other types of information that may be helpful to our network.
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