LOTT Clean Water Alliance

The LOTT Clean Water Alliance’s mission is to preserve and protect public health and the environment by cleaning and restoring water resources for our communities. To accomplish that mission, LOTT owns and operates wastewater and reclaimed water facilities throughout the Lacey-Olympia-Tumwater area. LOTT stands for its four government partners – Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County.

LOTT and their WET Science Center are committed advocates of education and sustainable design in Thurston County, and have transformed their building and East Bay public plaza into models of sustainability for the community. They promote the importance of education and sustainable design to the community through their interactive exhibit gallery, school programs, Saturday community programs, partnerships, LEED Platinum Certified Building, and the SITES Certified East Bay Public Plaza.

WET Science Center
The WET Science Center provides the community with a fun, hands-on opportunity for learning all about the water cycle, water conservation, wastewater treatment, reclaimed water, careers, and environmental stewardship of the Salish Sea. The center is free to visit and open to the public. The Science Center partners directly with three local school districts to see an entire grade level in each (5th grade in Tumwater, 6th grade in Olympia, 7th & 8th grade in North Thurston). Throughout the week, students come on 2-hour field trips to the WET Science Center. These field trips include a presentation and tour of the wastewater treatment plant or the green building.

East Bay Public Plaza
The East Bay Public Plaza serves as the heart of the East Bay district near downtown Olympia. The plaza features many water-themed educational elements and sustainable features, celebrated through artwork, interpretive elements, a wetland pond, and a flowing stream. 

Water Conservation Program & Rebates
LOTT works with Lacey, Olmpia, and Tumwater water utilities to plan conservation projects that cost-effectively reduce water flows. LOTT offers a range of rebate programs to residential sewer customers.