NOVA Middle School

For over 25 years NOVA has been dedicated to the needs of highly capable/gifted learners. It has been their singular focus to support the intellectual and academic needs of our students and, equally, their social, emotional, and personal growth. During these three pivotal developmental years, beyond preparing our students for success in high school, college or a trade, we create and sustain an experience that results in, as our vision states, “inspiring lifelong learning for a more compassionate, engaged world.”

Our Mission

Fostering the joyful pursuit of intellectual, social, and emotional expansion through a challenging curriculum that nourishes highly capable students to develop identity, self-empowerment, and community.

Our Vision

Inspiring lifelong learning for a more compassionate, engaged world.

Our Values

NOVA has identified four values that anchor the relationships and programs that support students and NOVA’s vision and mission.


We embrace the power of care, compassion, and relationships.

  • Valuing individuality, diversity, and shared experiences.
  • Fostering self-awareness, community, and a global perspective.
  • Cultivating social and emotional health through a safe and supportive environment


We are passionately devoted to our work.

  • Nurturing a sense of responsibility, personal investment, and ownership of learning.
  • Engaging fully in our interactions and with our content.


We design experiences based on expertise and reflection.

  • Utilizing emerging best practices for highly capable early adolescents.
  • Maximizing opportunities for students to deeply explore content.
  • Practicing communication that is clear, direct, consistent, and timely.


We celebrate and delight in learning and discovery.

  • Inspiring curiosity and growth.
  • Linking intellectual challenge to satisfaction, purpose, and joy.