South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group

South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (SPSSEG) formed by the Washington State Legislature in 1990 as a means of directly involving communities, citizen volunteers, and landowners in salmon recovery efforts. We are one of 14 Regional Enhancement Groups (RFEGs) state wide that share the role of working within their own communities to recover salmon. The RFEG’s create dynamic partnerships with local, state and federal agencies, Native American tribes, community members, and landowners.

SPSSEG is supported by the RFEG program. It is composed of a six-member staff, and is administered by a 9 member Board of Directors.

Our Region
Our service area is extensive and includes six Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA’s), or watersheds as defined by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Note: WRIA’s are much different than county boundaries, but our service area loosely includes Pierce, Thurston, and Mason counties.

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