Dixie Reimer

North Thurston Public Schools

I serve as the Science Instructional Specialist with North Thurston Public Schools. I have 26 years of experience in North Thurston Public Schools as a middle school science teacher at Nisqually, Chinook and Komachin Middle Schools. I have served as the districts secondary science instructional specialist since 2008. I love the opportunity to support and work with teachers of all levels on engaging their students in inquiry and field-based based science. I graduated from Whitworth College with a Bachelors in Biology and Psychology and have a Masters Degree from St. Martins University in Curriculum and Instruction. I am National Board Certified in Early Adolescent Science.

My responsibilities include coaching and mentoring science teachers, professional development, science curriculum development and alignment to the Washington State K-12 Science Standards, and our district transition into the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Tom Crawford

Thurston Climate Action Team

Tom Crawford is an educator, information systems designer and project manager who was also one of the founding members of Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT) in 2008. He received his Masters of Education degree from Eastern Washington University, and his Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University. Currently retired, Tom’s career included curriculum design, training and technical assistance for Indian education projects in public schools throughout the Pacific Northwest, and consulting and training for information systems projects within state and local government and business organizations. He also worked with Puget Sound businesses to build awareness of the Natural Step approach to sustainability, and is trained in the Dialogue Education approach to adult learning. As a TCAT board member, Tom helped establish an innovative energy efficiency program, called Thurston Energy, in partnership with Thurston Economic Development Council. He also led the development of Thurston County’s first comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory, and worked with faculty from local higher education institutions to complete a survey of county residents on attitudes toward climate change and clean energy.

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Erica Baker

North Thurston Public Schools

While this is my first year at Nisqually Middle School, I have been teaching either students or teachers for the past 18 years.  Prior to joining Nisqually Middle School, I worked for Pacific Education Institute. I earned my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University and have a master’s in Technology in Education from Lesley University.  My past work experiences have given me the opportunity to travel the state and work with teachers and curriculum writers in the fields of Environmental Studies and STEM.  This year, I look forward to combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as my students work together to solve real-world problems!

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Carrie Ziegler

Earth Art

Carrie Ziegler – Artist, Environmental Educator, and Community Engagement Specialist.

Art is an incredible tool for change. It penetrates deeply inside of the viewer, encouraging them to ask questions they may otherwise avoid. My artwork strives to bring issues of Environmental and Social Justice and personal development to the front of the viewer’s experience. Whether I am working on a large-scale participatory art installation, a public mural, or am in my studio creating with various materials, my work revolves around these subjects. To affect positive change through art is my quest.

In my work, the subject matter drives the medium. When working on a project about plastics in the ocean, up-cycled plastic is the obvious choice. When working to beautify a bike trail in an industrial zone, paint transforms a graffiti-filled wall into something magical. What links my work is the inclusion of many people in the creation and the goal of engaging viewers and inspiring them to make a positive change in their own lives.

My recent projects have included hundreds of people in their creation, allowing for a project that is much larger and wider of scope than any I could do alone. These projects give ownership to all involved, and inspire the viewer through the story of their creation. There are countless layers woven into the pieces, compelling the viewer to delve deeper, if they so choose.

For example, when people view the suspended installation, Rise Above Plastics: The Butterfly Effect, they are first mesmerized by hundreds of butterflies gently spinning and reflecting the light. When they notice that together, the butterflies form a human figure, emerging from a chrysalis, with butterflies of change flying from her heart, they are overcome with awe. When they hear the story of how the piece was made of up-cycled plastic trash, by 700 children and young adults, as a message of hope and inspiration, of personal choice and empowerment, they are mobilized to ask questions and look at their own actions and how they are personally affecting the world.

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Lara Tukarski

NOVA Middle School

Lara Tukarski is an environmental science teacher at NOVA Middle School. She has worked in the environmental education field for over 18 years. Prior to settling in western Washington, Lara served as the founding director of sustainability programs at schools where she taught on the east coast. She also designed environmental literacy curriculum for the Maryland State Department of Natural Resources and served as a Program Facilitator for Department of State Youth Leadership programming in Nepal focused on environmental health and sustainable community design.

In addition to her teaching role at NOVA, Lara is currently the sustainability coordinator and manages the school community garden. She also serves as an environmental consultant and curriculum architect for Journeys in Film, a non-profit which develops interdisciplinary curriculum for award-winning films which address the advancement of global environmental education.

Lara holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Molecular Ecology. When not teaching, you might find Lara hiking, kayaking, in her garden, fossil hunting, on a volcano, swimming in mountain lakes, in her art studio, skiing, or hangin’ on the porch with good friends and her sweet dog Juniper Bearpaw.

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Kerri Wilson

Intercity Transit

Kerri started coordinating the Intercity Transit Walk N Roll program in 2018. The program promotes active transportation to youth; this includes walking, biking, and taking public transit. Kerri has master degrees in environmental education from Slippery Rock University and public administration from The Evergreen State College. She has worked in education and outreach since 2006. Kerri strives to be a good environmental steward and is passionate about teaching others to do the same.

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