Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll Youth Education Program

Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program partners with schools and community organizations to offer activities that educate and encourage youth to walk, bike, and use public transit. The Walk N Roll program strives to create a healthier, safer, and more active community.

Educational Programs

  • Walk N Roll to School Events encourage youth and their families to walk or bike to school. The Walk N Roll program provides schools with the tools and coordination to make their events successful. We also help schools celebrate National Bike and Walk to School Days.
  • Rolling Classroom field trips provide school groups the chance to ride an Intercity Transit bus, tour our maintenance facility, and ride through the bus wash. Prior to the field trip, a classroom presentation is provided to prepare students for their bus riding experience.
  • Bike Rodeos teach youth real-world skills to prepare them to ride a bike safely. Intercity Transit helps schools and community partners organize bike rodeo events.
  • Earn-A-Bike classes teach middle school students basic mechanical and bicycle safety skills in the classroom and on the road. Upon completion of the class, students in need get a bike refurbished by our bike shop volunteers.
  • Bike MVP classes teach middle and high school youth how to overhaul and maintain a bicycle. Classes are split between a daily lesson and hands-on practice. After completing Bike MVP, graduates volunteer in our bike shop. Volunteer hours can be used for community service requirements.

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities
Volunteers can assist with bike education classes and events. They can also volunteer in the Walk N Roll Bike Shop repairing bikes used in our youth education programs. Bike mechanic skills are not required.

Field Trip Transportation with the Class Pass
Schools and youth groups can ride Intercity Transit’s regularly scheduled buses for field trip transportation. Let us know your group’s plans by requesting a Class Pass and we will help you plan your route. Intercity Transit buses are zero-fare, so you can ride for free!

Walk N Roll